Broadcast Editing


 ‘Landscapes of Memory – Namibia’  a 26 min documentary produced by On-Land Productions, Namibia, for the South African Broadcasting Corporation  – March ’99

Programme 2 The Power List’  a 50 min current affairs programme produced by Fulcrum Productions for Channel Four – November ’98

Location inserts for ‘A Week in Politics’ produced by Brook Associates for Channel Four – March ’97

‘Letter From America with Christopher Hitchens’ four 50 min documentaries produced by Without Walls for Channel Four – 1995/96

‘Safe TV’ twelve 25 min programmes for a multicultural youth magazine series produced by Alma Ata Productions for Channel Four – Nov `93 – Jan ’94

Two 30 min documentaries for ‘The Media Show’ produced by Wall to Wall Television for Channel Four -Jan/Feb ’91

Eight 52 min documentaries for ‘Rear Window’ a multicultural arts series produced by Bandung Productions for Channel Four – 1989 – 1992

‘Wind of Hope’ a 30 min documentary to mark Namibia’s independence produced by New Dawn Video for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation – March ’90

On-line editor for satellite feeds at the Non-Aligned Movement Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe – 1986

Several Pop Videos working with directors such as Derek Jarman, John Maybury and Cerith Wyn-Evans – 1983 – 1986



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